Did You Miss the Rapper Cameos on This Week’s ‘Insecure’?

We weren’t ready

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(Spoiler alert: Please do not read on if  you haven’t watched Sunday’s episode of “Insecure”)

As if Issa Rae’s “Insecure” hasn’t already given us life, this week’s episode decided to bless us with two special cameos–Jidenna and Ty Dolla Sign.

The “Classic Man” appears in all his classic glory as Molly’s League date (a dating app for professionals). The two are out at a club and Jidenna can sense something is a little off with his date. Molly is still stressed out from having her boss ask her to speak with Rasheeda about fitting in with the company’s culture. Which in layman’s terms meant that Molly’s boss felt like Rasheeda was being too black and asked Molly to have a little chat with her because Molly is also black.

Jidenna sympathizes with Molly and tells her that he too has had to deal with respectability politics at his workplace. He then sweeps her off her feet (figuratively speaking) and whisks her away to the dance floor (literally speaking) and they slow dance the night away–swoon.

This week’s “Insecure” marks Jidenna’s second cameo on TV this fall — the first came on “Luke Cage,” where we performed “Long Live the Chief” on stage at the Harlem’s Paradise club run by the villainous Diamondback.

Even Twitter couldn’t handle the Classic Man’s cameo.


We weren’t ready either, Dellea Copeland… we weren’t ready.

As the headline says, though, Jidenna wasn’t the only surprise rapper cameo on “Insecure” this week.

At the end of the episode, Rae was having another one of her mirror self talk moments except this time she was having a little fantasy featuring Ty Dolla Sign. How he ended up there, we don’t know and don’t care, we just appreciated having him.