Diddy Crashes ‘Drop the Mic’ to Hand James Corden Historic Win Over Ashton Kutcher (Video)

It is “Late Late Show” host’s first actual victory on his own segment

Last Updated: June 13, 2018 @ 6:47 AM

We experienced history on Tuesday’s “Late Late Show,” when James Corden actually won his own “Drop the Mic” battle for the first time. The CBS personality needed a surprise appearance from Fox’s “The Four” judge Diddy to make his victory over Ashton Kutcher official.

Here are some of the lines Corden started off strongly with:

“I heard I was battling an A-list hunk/but when I saw Ashton Kutcher/ I knew I was getting ‘Punk’d.'”

And this punch:

“You were so bad in ‘Jobs’/even Siri won’t talk to you.”

Kutcher’s best was comeback was probably this one at the very end: “You did ‘Ocean’s 8’/that’s worth mentioning/They probably should have called it ‘Ocean’s 8 Everything.'”

Get it? Because Corden is a husky man.

Watch the video above to see the other insults those two spit out.


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