Dierks Bentley Destroyed on Twitter as He ‘Butchers’ National Anthem at Stanley Cup Finals

“Way more impressed with the jersey- wearing catfish than Dierks Bentley’s lackluster rendition of the anthem,” one NFL fan says

Dierks Bentley
Getty Images

The Nashville Predators hosted the Pittsburgh Penguins’ in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals Monday.

However, initial social media buzz was aimed not at the action on the ice — but at the national anthem performance preceding it.

You’d think that country singer and CMA Award winner Dierks Bentley would be welcomed in the country music capital, but that was far from the case, with NHL fans on Twitter throwing more punches than seen in any bloody hockey fight.

“Way more impressed with the jersey-wearing catfish than Dierks Bentley’s lackluster rendition of the anthem,” one user said, referring to the Predators fan who threw a dead catfish onto the ice in the Pittsburgh Penguins’ arena during Game 1.

“Who is Dierks Bentley and why does he suck at his alleged craft?” another asked.

“Dierks Bentley singing the Anthem sounded like the drunk guy at the bar trying to be in tune,” was one cutting insult. Ouch …

One user even turned it into a competition: “I think the Dierks Bentley critic with the most retweets should sing the Anthem at Game 5.” Now that’s something worth laying bets on.

The Penguins led the series 2-1 going into Monday’s game.

See the tweets below.