Dionne Warwick’s Iconic Twitter Account Gets the Billboard Treatment in New York

“Please do not bring that foolishness into 2021”

Dionne Warwick Twitter billboard

Pop legend Dionne Warwick is getting the billboard treatment this holiday season, but not for her musical skills.

Like many of us, Warwick has adapted to isolation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic by spending more time online delivering hot takes. Unlike many of us, however, Warick’s Twitter presence has captivated fans so much that it’s now inspired a full-size billboard (from the social media company itself) near Bryant Park in New York City.

The billboard shows one of Warwick’s recent viral and instantly iconic tweets: “Please do not bring this foolishness into 2021.” It’s just the reminder we need to make a fresh start in the new year, and as usual, Twitter’s new favorite auntie didn’t mince words.

Warwick was clearly excited that her message made it to the streets — she said on Monday, “My Foolishness PSA has made it to print. Thank you, @Twitter! Leave it in 2020, y’all.”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was even in on the joke. One fan asked Warwick if she was now the new chief executive of Twitter. Warwick responded by tweeting at Dorsey, “am I, @Jack?” He quickly replied, “yes, you are” — so that’s it, folks. We don’t make the rules, but it looks like it’s time for Dorsey to vest those stock options and step aside for Warwick to take charge.

The 80 year-old hitmaker and five-time Grammy winner has been on Twitter since 2012, but only recently started going viral after she began working with her niece, Brittani Warwick, who helps manage her accounts (though Dionne will tell you clearly that she does tweet from the account herself). Warwick brings a delightful mix of encouragement, heartfelt advice and an ample helping of shade to her account, which boasts over 374,000 followers.

Twitter isn’t the only new form of social entertainment Warwick embraced this year; she also appeared alongside Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight in a live stream of Swizz Beatz’s Verzuz battle in September. Warwick has also recently been talking to her Twitter followers about what online games she’s playing lately, including Scopely’s “Scrabble GO” and “Candy Crush.” She’s clearly got her finger on the pulse.


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