DJ Diplo Saved From Burning Man Storm by Chris Rock and a Fan (Video)

We don’t quite know how this happened either

File: Burning Man (Photo by David McNew/Newsmaker/Getty Images)

The Burning Man festival prides itself on its post-apocalyptic vibes, but things are genuinely dire this year as thousands of attendees were stranded thanks to desert storms. Those still there have been told to conserve their food, water and the fuel in their vehicles, while officials have blocked anyone else from coming to the traditional home of the event.

Those who were seemingly trapped there include the EDM DJ Diplo, who posted a video that we can’t quite explain — but we’ll try.

He noted that he’d trekked five miles, on foot, seeking to escape the mud-soaked land of Burning Man. That’s when he was picked up — by comedian Chris Rock and a fan.

Wait. What?

Look, if we hadn’t seen the video, we’re not sure we would believe it either. Rock had previously posted about the issues at Burning Man on his Instagram story, including footage of footprints all over the deep mud — and a note indicating that the portable bathrooms couldn’t be emptied, thanks to the flooding.

Those in attendance have been told to shelter in place as they await the desert area drying out — but there’s still more rain in the forecast.