Discovery Orders Series ‘River of No Return,’ Where It’s Homesteaders vs Idaho Wilderness (Exclusive)

Residents of the Frank Church Wilderness must co-exist with a perilous river

River of No Return

Discovery has greenlit a new series, “River of No Return” — and by the sound of it, it’s not going to be your average camping trip.

The series follows a small community of people who live in Idaho’s remote Frank Church Wilderness, where the only way in or out is by plane — or, for the brave, by boat across the perilous Salmon River.

Lewis and Clark described the river — the largest un-dammed river in North America — as “foaming and roaring through rocks in every direction, so as to render the passage of anything impossible.” The 2.3 million acres of secluded wilderness beyond, also known as “The Frank,” is home to some of the last stretches of undeveloped frontier — and some very steep canyons.

For the homesteaders who are drawn to life in “The Frank,” they must rely on pilots, boat captains, their neighbors and a fierce set of survival skills to make it through the isolating winters in order to enjoy the pristine beauties of the wild come springtime.

Per Discovery: “Those who occupy the land must abide by a strict code of conduct: no motors outside of your property, respect thy neighbor, and leave no trace.”

A premiere date has not yet been set. “River of No Return” (working title) is produced for Discovery Channel by Spoke Studios, a Wheelhouse Entertainment company, in association with ITV America and Inspired Entertainment. Executive producers include Brent Montgomery, Ed Simpson, Joe Weinstock, Will Nothacker, Jason Carey, John Gray and Dirk Gibson, with Sean Stack as co-executive producer. For Discovery Channel, Michael Gara will executive produce and Greg Wolf will serve as coordinating producer.