Disgraced Author James Frey Returning to ‘Oprah’

With memoir fraud back in the news again, the “A Million Little Pieces” scribe resurfaces in a familiar venue

Oprah Winfrey will take a little trip down memory lane before bidding farewell to her syndicated daytime talk show on May 25.

Winfrey will play host to James Frey, author of “A Million Little Pieces,” on an episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” to air “sometime in May,” a spokesperson for series producer Harpo Productions confirms to TheWrap.

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Winfrey catapulted Frey to fame by touting his 2003 memoir “A Million Little Pieces” and adding it to her book club.

After it was found that much of Frey’s tale of drug addiction was false, Winfrey had him back on her show, where she tore into him for his deceit.

While Harpo wouldn’t discuss the specifics of the upcoming interview, it’s a safe bet that Frey will be hawking his latest effort, “The Final Testament of the Holy Bible,” which hits stores on Friday.

The book revolves around a modern-day Jesus figure, Ben Jones, who smokes marijuana, drinks heavily, impregnates a prostitute and dabbles in bi-sexuality.

It remains to be seen whether Frey and Winfrey will discuss the controversy over the Gregory Mortenson book “Three Cups of Tea,” much of which was recently proven by “60 Minutes” to be inaccurate.