The Streaming Wars Heat Up: Just How Big a Threat Is Disney to Netflix?

”Once again, Netflix is in the driver’s seat,“ one industry expert says

Investors are not an easy crowd to shock, but Disney CEO Bob Iger managed to induce at least two audible gasps when unveiling his company’s long-awaited Disney+ streaming service on Thursday afternoon. The first was the news that “The Simpsons” would move all of its 30 seasons over to Disney+ — a sign of just how extensive the company’s library is since its $71 billion Fox acquisition —  and the second came with the $6.99 monthly subscription price. (Netflix, for comparison, costs $12.99 per month for its standard package.)

The whole event amounted to Iger firing a warning shot: This is what a true Netflix competitor looks like. But is it a Netflix killer?

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Sean Burch

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