Nearly 70% of Americans Say They’d Pay for Disney+, Study Finds

Almost 20% of respondents said they’d be willing to pay between $10 to $20 per month for Disney’s upcoming streaming service

Disney+ Logo

Most Americans are willing to juggle another monthly subscription, with nearly 70% of respondents to a new study saying they’re interested in paying for Disney+, the Mouse House’s upcoming streaming service. The study, from market research firm GlobalWebIndex, showed that 69% of the 2,504 respondents were open to paying for Disney+, which will cost $6.99 per month when it launches in November. Some respondents were very excited for the new service, with about 20% saying they’d be willing to pay between $10 and $20 per month for the service — which, at the high end, is about 25% more than Netflix’s most expensive plan. Disney+ is set to debut at a time when most people have been hesitant to add new subscriptions. Earlier this year, there was a slight dip in the number of subscription services Americans were paying for on average. During Q1, the average U.S. household subscribed to 2.6 services and paid about $30 per month altogether, a modest decline from June 2018 when the average household paid about $33 per month for 2.8 services. The data suggested “stream fatigue” may be setting in, even as more services rush to enter the market. When Disney+ launches, it’ll be the exclusive home to Disney franchises like “Frozen” and “Toy Story,” as well as “The Simpsons” after its buyout of much of Fox’s assets. The service will also offer nine original TV shows and movies, including “Star Wars” spinoff “The Mandalorian,” a live-action “Lady and the Tramp” and “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” Some of Disney’s major releases are reason enough for many viewers to pay for Disney+, according to the study, with 50% of respondents pointing to “The Lion King” remake and 34% pointing to “Frozen” as movies they’re especially looking forward to seeing on the service.