Well Go USA to Distribute Films From Japan’s Sushi Typhoon

The Texas-based distributor begins its 8-year deal with the Japanese genre label by acquiring five extra-gory movies

Well Go USA has become the North American distributor for the Japanese genre label Sushi Typhoon.

The companies have signed an 8-year agreement.


On Monday, Well Go announced it has acquired DVD, digital, VoD and television rights for  "Mutant Girls Squad," "Helldriver," "Yakuza Weapon," "Deadball" and "Karate-Robo Zaborgar."

It's not exactly mainstream stuff. Sushi Typhoon was created "to bring the best talent from Japanese cult cinema to worldwide audiences," according to Well Go.

That cult cinema means over-the-top neo action gore.

"Karate-Robo Zaborgar" is described by Well Go as "a hilariously over-the-top ribute to the transforming robots of 1970s Japanese television and an exciting action/comedy that will stir the heart of anyone who longs for justice dispensed at the short end of a swift robot karate kick."

The others are similar: "Yakuza Weapon" combines gangster action, comedy and "splatterific special effects."

"Helldriver' (pictured, above) is a zombie film with "over-the-top splatter."

"Mutant Girls Squad" has "three times the jaw-dropping comedy and three times the head-exploding splatter of your average action/horror/comedy!" And "Deadball" is director Yudai Yamaguchi's "follow-up to his earlier zombie baseball classic ' Battlefield Baseball.'"

Well Go is based in Texas, but has offices in Taiwan and China and specializes in Asian cinema. It releases five to 10 titles in North America each month.