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DJ Accused of Groping Taylor Swift Gets New Job, Bomb Threat Ensues

DJ David Mueller was recently hired by Mississippi radio station KIX 92.7

Just over five months after a jury sided with Taylor Swift in her counter-lawsuit accusing DJ David Mueller of groping her, Mueller landed a new job with Mississippi country music radio station KIX 92.7. And less than 24 hours after the news became public, someone called in a bomb threat to the station.

Multiple outlets are reporting that on Wednesday, the station, located in Greenwood, Mississippi, received an email from someone that read “You will be sorry for what you’ve done. Enjoy the bomb.”

“At 9 a.m. we this morning we received a call in reference to a bomb threat at KIX 92.7. We dispatched offers to the location and per standard protocol, we cleared the building,” police Chief Ray Moore said in a statement provided to US Magazine. “We then contacted the sheriff’s department who brought in a bomb dog. We went through the building and found no threats. After the building was secured, everyone was allowed to go into the building and back to work.”

No other details about the threat, including who may have sent it or who received the email, have been disclosed.

Swift and Mueller squared off in a colorado court after he filed a lawsuit against her in 2015, claiming he was was fired after being wrongfully accused of groping Swift’s rear end during a meet-and greet in 2013. The presiding judge found that Mueller hadn’t made the case that Swift attempted to have him fired from Denver radio station KYGO over the alleged incident.

Mueller, who went by the professional name “Jackson,” denied the accusation, though Swift testified that “it was not an accident. It was completely intentional, and I have never been so sure of anything in my life.”

In August of 2017, a jury agreed with Swift, and ordered Mueller to pay her a symbolic $1 for groping her.