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‘Doctor Who’ Spinoff ‘Class’ Canceled After One Semester

Sci-fi show failed to find an audience

The “Doctor Who” spinoff “Class” won’t be getting a second semester. The BBC announced that the show would be canceled after just one season.

Chances were high that “Class” wasn’t going to get a renewal. The show received generally positive reviews from critics but failed to attract an audience.

Lead writer Patrick Ness already announced on Twitter that he wasn’t going to be writing any more episodes. But there was no word from the network itself about whether it would continue without him until BBC 3 controller Damian Kavanagh told RadioTimes Thursday that the spinoff was dead.

“There was nothing wrong with it,” Kavanagh said. “I thought Patrick did a great job, he explored an amazing world. In honesty it didn’t really land for us on BBC3; some shows don’t and I have to make decisions about what we’re going to do from a drama point of view, and what we did after ‘Class’ was ‘Clique’ which worked really well for us.”

Despite breaking away from the show in June, Ness still took to Twitter to look back on “Class.”

“I’m not an unopinionated man, but all I’ll say re the Class news is how proud I am of that show & how lucky I am to have had the opportunity,” he wrote. “What a great experience to make it… Would that things were different…”

You can read his full Twitter exchange below.



“Class” focused on students and staff at the Coal Hill Academy, which has been a recurring location on “Doctor Who.” The Doctor tells the students in the first episode that they’ll have to protect the planet from alien threats thanks to the school being on a break in the space-time continuum.