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‘Doctor Who’ New Year’s Day Special: Looks Like Jodie Whittaker Is About to Meet the Daleks (Video)


Jodie Whittaker is about to face off with “the most dangerous creature in the universe” in the upcoming “Doctor Who” New Year’s Day special. Well, the “most dangerous creature” in the Whoverse, that is.

In a very short new teaser for the installment set to air on Jan. 1, aptly titled “Resolution,” the 13th Doctor mentions she is looking at “the DNA of the most dangerous creature in the universe.”

We don’t see that creature or learn its name, but we do hear it at the very end of the teaser, a clue that gives the villains’ secret identity away immediately: the Doctor’s most infamous arch-enemies, the Daleks.

Yes, the closing moments of the brief video features the haunting cry “EX-TER-MI-NATE!” and every die-hard Whovian knows that is the battle cry of the Daleks, the iconic, robot-like antagonists whose origins lie in the original “Doctor Who” series of the 1960s.

As one of the biggest bads on the long-running series, it was likely Whittaker’s Doctor would go up against them eventually — we just didn’t think it would be in her very first year as the new Time Lord.

Watch the teaser above.

“Doctor Who” New Year’s Day Special airs Jan. 1 at 8/7c on BBC America.