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‘Doctor Who’ Fans Have Spoken: ‘Jodie Whittaker Is Killing It’

”The 13th doctor is a wonderful brew of witty, funny, smartass, and bad ass!“ writes one Twitter user

“Doctor Who” fans seem to be united in their opinion of the first female Doctor on the longstanding sci-fi series: Jodie Whittaker is “killing it.”

The BBC series launched its Season 13 Sunday, and although some saw the Doctor’s change of gender “a loss of a role model for boys,” the reaction to Whittaker’s performance appears to be overwhelmingly positive.

“I have watched every #DoctorWho actor since the first back in 1963. Jodie is quite outstanding & up there with the best. Brings great vibrancy, energy & no little touch of humour to the role. Jodie is Dr. Who,” one Twitter user wrote.

“And Jodie is, in just one episode, 100% The Doctor. No question,” wrote another “Doctor Who” fan.

Here are a few others who gave Whittaker a Standing O:



“Essentially, it’s not a gender — the Doctor is a Time Lord, an alien with two hearts,” Whittaker told TheWrap in September. “For me, to play this role like somebody else has played it would defeat the object of being cast. It didn’t require me to physically take on someone else’s performance because the traits of the Doctor that carry the Doctor throughout the 55 year history of the show are in the writing, and as long as I was being truthful to the writing, then I was honoring those traits.”