BBC Teases August Return for ‘Doctor Who’ (Video)

Season 8 and the era of the 12th Doctor begins this summer

It isn’t much, but us “Doctor Who” fans will take anything we can get.

BBC America released a teaser for the upcoming eighth season featuring Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor. A flickering 15 seconds later we learn that the series will return in August.

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Season 8, of course, marks the official era of Capaldi as the Time Lord who can regenerate himself into a new figure after death.

Capaldi was chosen to replace Matt Smith, who announced he was exiting the series last June. He has since made a couple appearances on the series: during a montage of all the Doctors in November’s 50th anniversary special, and then during the annual Christmas special last December when Smith’s 11th Doctor regenerated into Capaldi’s 12th.

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Jenna Coleman, who plays Clara, will return as the Doctor’s companion on the upcoming season.

Watch the teaser above.