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Colbert Reveals an Even-Worse Dodge Ram Commercial Exploiting Martin Luther King Jr (Video)

The Dalai Lama, Joan of Ark, Harriet Tubman, Gandhi and Helen Keller are also invoked to sell pickup trucks

Why stop at using Martin Luther King Jr. to sell pickup trucks, Dodge? Stephen Colbert just cut you a followup ad for your 2018 Ram — his also invokes the Dalai Lama, Joan of Ark, Helen Keller and others as shills.

“Now, that sounds inappropriate — until you remember that Dr. King was awarded the J.D. Power and Associates Best Midsize Humanitarian,” Colbert joked of the original, actual and very real Super Bowl LII TV commercial.

The faux “Late Show” spot then boasted that the 2018 Ram has “an interior roomy enough for Harriet Tubman and Gandhi to make out with each other.”

There was plenty more cringeworthy exploitation of historical figures where that one came from.

Watch the CBS video above. The Dodge stuff comes up at the 4:24 mark.