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Watch the Most Adorable Baby Elephant Reunion on Animal Planet’s ‘Dodo Heroes’ (Exclusive Videos)

So much trunk hugging

An elephant never forgets, and you might remember Saturday’s “Dodo Heroes” on Animal Planet for a while.

This weekend’s episode spotlights the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the most successful orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world, which plays host to an adorable baby elephant reunion. Yes, the trunked ones all remember each other and there’s a ton (literally, with these guys) of hugging.

Watch TheWrap’s exclusive sneak peek video at top of this post.

That’s already crazy adorable, right? And then you meet Malkia.

Julius Shivegha and his team of elephant keepers nursed back the 3-year-old baby elephant after she is orphaned. Malkia has been with them longer (two years) than not (one, for the mathematically challenged).

With Julius by her side every step of the way, Malkia is finally strong enough to make the long journey from the wildlife nursery to “elephant paradise” in Tsavo National Park, the largest protected wilderness in Kenya, to begin her reintroduction into the wild.

Get to know Malkia via the below video, which is also exclusive to TheWrap.

“Baby Elephant Rescue” airs Saturday, June 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.