Don Cheadle Returns as Captain Planet to Bring Humanity Down to Zero (Video)

Don Cheadle reprises the role of Captain Planet for the sequel to Funny or Die's 2011 sketch, which portrayed the superhero going mad with power

It's been a little over a year since Don Cheadle became drunk with Captain Planet power for a Funny or Die sketch. But he's back — and he's definitely not our hero anymore.

In the sequel, the environmentally-friendly cartoon character is now a full-blown dictator. His mission has always been to bring pollution down to zero, except now he's bringing the human population down with it.

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Ma-Ti, played by Efren Ramirez of "Napoleon Dynamite" fame, is the only surviving Planeteer. Unfortunately for humanity, his power of Heart proves to be as useless as it was throughout the entire animated series.

Watch Cheadle continue his villainous re-imagining of the '90s icon below and keep an eye out for part three.