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Watch Don Lemon’s Emotional Interview With Family of Las Vegas Massacre Victim (Video)

”I am so incredibly sorry for your loss,“ says Lemon. ”I can’t believe that you guys are even standing right now“

On Tuesday, “CNN Tonight,” host Don Lemon had an emotional interview with the family of Lisa Patterson. Patterson was among the 59 people killed at an outdoor country music festival in Las Vegas on Sunday. On set were husband Bob Patterson and daughter Amber.

“I am so incredibly sorry for your loss,” said Lemon. “I can’t believe that you guys are even standing right now.”

“It was the worst day of my life,” said Bob.

Lemon paused.

“Amber I just … Amber, I see it in your face. I’m so sorry,” he finally said.

With that Amber broke down, openly weeping on camera as Lemon himself appeared to choke back his own emotions.

“Yeah it’s really horrible and it’s such a ridiculous situation,” said Amber “This shouldn’t have happened to any of those people and it really breaks my heart that it happened to my mom.”

Lemon continue, “What do you want people to know about your mom, Amber?”

“She cared for so many people. She was so enthusiastic,” the younger Patterson responded. “She was literally the best mom and she was my best friend. So it was really heartbreaking to hear this news.”

Lemon again paused as the drama of the moment swept over the set.

Patterson’s tragic story has already attracted significant attention online. A GoFundMe set up Tuesday to accept donations to a Lisa Patterson Memorial Fund has already taken in more than $55,000.

“Lisa had an infectious energy and fierce love for her family, and we are beyond heartbroken for Bob and their three kids,” the appeal reads. “Any small amount helps during this difficult time, let’s give back to Bob and family as they have given so much to us. 100% of funds collected will be given directly to her husband.”

Lemon’s whole interview runs more than eight minutes and it’s worth watching in full.