CNN’s Don Lemon and John Kasich Fight Over Trump Address: ‘Can I Finish Now?’ (Video)

It all started when the former Ohio governor defended the president’s speech, saying he “did fine”

Don Lemon

CNN anchor Don Lemon and former Ohio governor John Kasic got into an on-air yelling match following President Trump’s address on the coronavirus Wednesday night.

Kasich told the “CNN Tonight” anchor that Trump “did fine” with the address: “What I saw tonight is what I anticipated before he delivered the address. Mr. President, you’ve got to be serious. You’ve got to warn the country. We have to move forward and just stick to the script and read what’s on there. And that’s exactly what he did.”

Lemon responded that whether Trump stuck to a script or not was irrelevant since the contents of his speech had to be clarified afterward.

“If the president came out to calm people’s fears, he didn’t do a good job of it because they’ve had to come back and clarify it several times,” Lemon said. “And this has been going on long enough for them to get it straight. We need straight, accurate information from this president and this administration and we’re not getting it. And I don’t understand why you are tiptoeing around it! He came out, gave an address. That happens very rarely, and he doesn’t get it right!”

When Kasich said he didn’t want to “get into that,” Lemon reminded his guest he was booked on the show to get into it.

“Can I finish now?” Kasich asked. “Let me talk!”

“No you can’t, John!” said Lemon, who went on, “I don’t want you to go on and deflect and talk about something else because we are here to talk about the president’s address.”

“Oh, I can’t talk?” Kasich responded incredulously.

Watch their heated exchange below: