Don Lemon Pressured to ‘Stump for Trump’ in Bonkers CNN Segment (Video)

“You be crazy, both of you — in a good way,” anchor says to Trump enthusiasts

Donald Trump’s biggest fans sparked an entertaining scene with Don Lemon on Tuesday.

“Americans are not only going to just be surviving but they’re going to be able to thrive in this country and that’s what I love — he is going to make America great again,” Lynette Hardaway said during Lemon’s CNN show.

“Oh yes he is,” her partner in Trump crime, Rochelle “Silk” Richardson, said as Lynette spoke, beginning a series of complementary phrases to back up Lynette’s rant.

“And that’s why I stump for the Trump!” Lynette said, aided by “that’s right” and “oh yes we do” coming from Silk.

The duo, whose YouTube video supporting Trump went viral this week with close to 130,000 viewers, then started pressuring Lemon to join them in “stumping for the Trump.”

“You be crazy, both of you — in a good way,” Lemon told his guests, who the Trump campaign reportedly wants to recruit to participate.

While you’re anxiously awaiting their union, watch and stump below.