Watch CNN’s Don Lemon Go Off on ‘Real Donald Trump Proving All His Critics Right’ (Video)

The CNN host reminds POTUS of some key historical facts about racism in America

If there’s one person who isn’t having any of Trump’s remarks about “both sides” being at fault in the Charlottesville incident, it’s CNN’s Don Lemon. On Tuesday, Lemon offered his own response–along with scathing words and a rapid-fire history lesson for POTUS.

“This is a sad moment for the country,” Lemon tells Wolf Blitzer in the clip. “I think it was an awful moment for the person who’s supposed to represent the highest office of the land.” Lemon also said that “today, [we] saw the real Donald Trump proving all of his critics right.”

Watch the whole thing below.

But these were not Lemon’s harshest words. Toward the end of the video clip, the CNN host rips Trump for blaming both extremities of the political spectrum and cites important differences between the alt-right and what Trump called the “alt-left”: “One is a Nazi white supremacist group. What they want to do in their hearts is extinguish people who look like me…They don’t think that we’re equal to them.”

After offering Trump a quick history lesson on the long history of racism in America, Lemon concludes with this snarky quip: “The president is ignorant of history. He does not know context. He should be ashamed of himself. He should go back to school and get an elementary education on how this country started and about protest groups and how this country works and who he represents, and who he should represent.”