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Donald Glover Had to Audition for ‘Solo’ One More Time Than Alden Ehrenreich (Video)

”Oh, they weren’t sure about me,“ Lando actor says to co-star

“Solo: A Star Wars” story hasn’t even come out yet, and already so many fans have been saying they can’t imagine anyone who’d be a better fit to play Lando Calrissian than Donald Glover. (Except maybe Billy Dee Williams). But, according to Glover, the filmmakers weren’t entirely sold on him from the beginning — or at least not as sold on him as lead Alden Ehrenreich.

Glover and Ehrenreich, who plays the titular Han Solo in the upcoming “Star Wars” prequel flick, stopped by the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” Monday to talk about their good times auditioning and improvising together. Although, when Lando found out he had to come in just one more time than Han to land the role, he was a little taken aback.

“I think I auditioned like way less than you. I think I auditioned seven times,” Glover said to Ehrenreich while sitting down with DeGeneres. “No, I auditioned six times. Yeah,” Ehrenreich corrected him. “Oh, they weren’t sure about me,” Glover deadpanned to a cracking up audience.

The two also went into detail about directions they would get on set when they tried to ad lib lines, such as not being allowed to say things like “Saved by the Bell” and “banana.”

“There is somebody there who knows everything about ‘Star Wars’ by the side being like, ‘You can’t say banana. Banana doesn’t exist,'” Glover joked.

Watch the clip above.