Donald Glover Gets to Be Spider-Man, After All–In a Cartoon (Video)

The “Community” star will voice Miles Morales on an episode of Disney XD’s “Ultimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors”

The internet is about to gets its wish of Donald Glover behind the mask of Spider-Man — sort of.

The “Community” star and man behind the musician Childish Gambino is a longtime fan favorite to play Spider-Man on screen.  Glover will be voicing Miles Morales, an alternate reality Spider-Man, in the upcoming season of Disney XD’s “Ultimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors.”

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The new season will see Peter Parker (Drake Bell) hopping dimensions, coming across alternate versions of Spider-Man, including the 13-year-old half-Hispanic, half-black Miles, who first appeared on the pages of Marvel comic book Ultimate Spider-Man in 2011.

“He meets someone who is his hero, and that comes across completely in Donald’s performance,” Stephen Wacker, vice president of Marvel Television’s animation division, tells USAToday. “He’s got a real warmth that suits the character really, really well.

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“If you’ve read Miles Morales comics, Donald’s voice nails what you’ve been reading.”

As for Glover, this gig doesn’t satisfy his thirst to actually play Spider-Man on screen one day. “I’m still holding out, though,” he says. “I still have hopes to do something like that one day. I don’t look at this as second place. Spider-Man, he’s such an icon — you have to do something with him.”