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Donald Trump and ‘Arrested Development’ Mashup Is the Ultimate Fact Checking Remix (Video)

Ron Howard’s voice calling out the GOP candidate’s false statements on “Trump-rested Development” is guaranteed to brighten your day

Donald Trump has been fact checked again and again, but no fact checker is more authoritative than the voice of Ron Howard.

Howard shared a YouTube video on Thursday that combines statements made by Trump at the first Presidential debate with lines Howard’s narration from the cult classic TV series “Arrested Development.”

In the video, dubbed “Trump-rested Development,” Trump extols his role in getting President Obama to release his long form birth certificate, saying he “did a good job.” “But he really didn’t,” Howard’s voice replies.

Later, after Trump denied that he had ever said that pregnancy is “an inconvenience to employers,” the scene cuts away to an NBC News clip of Trump saying just that.

Jokes began circulating online after the first debate that people wanted to hear Howard fact check the controversial GOP candidate in the same way the narrator contradicted the characters on “Arrested Development.”

Watch the video

It has been a rough week for the GOP candidate. Trump is still dealing with the fallout of a leaked recording from 2005 in which he openly bragged about being able to grope women due to his celebrity status. Since then, more women have come forward to claim that Trump exhibited predatory behavior toward them over the years.