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A Man Heckled Donald Trump’s Animatronic Figure at Disney World and People Are Freaking

”Cuz I’ll never get this close in real life probs,“ tweeted actor and comedian Jay Malsky

For many a liberal, there’s no greater dream than confronting President Donald Trump in a hail of fiery #resistance protest.

In the absence of the real thing however, one man visiting Disney World went for the next best option — heckling Trump’s animatronic figure in the Hall of Presidents.

“Cuz I’ll never get this close in real life probs,” tweeted actor and comedian Jay Malsky in his explanation.

Just as the Trump figure began to speak during a show on Wednesday at the Orlando theme park, Malsky interrupted the robotic president with a fusillade of “Lock him up!” — a move that prompted audible groans from other faceless audience members.

Malsky, however, defended his protest against the haters on Twitter. When one person pointed out that his actions may have scared children, Malsky pivoted.

“Probably more scared than the children being taken away from their parents due to @realDonaldTrump’s inhumane immigration policies,” he shot back. “Or more scared than a trans kid who fears getting murdered for being who they are. Or a sick child who has just lost access to healthcare.”

Malsky did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment — but that void was happily filled by internet users who really didn’t know what to make of his protest.