Trump Name Dropped From 3 NYC Buildings After Tenants Revolt

“It feels like a cleansing of the place where I live,” Trump Place resident says

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Three New York City apartment buildings will drop the Trump name after hundreds of tenants signed a petition, according to The New York Times.

President-elect Donald Trump does not own the buildings, but they bear his name because of a licensing deal. The buildings, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, will remove the gold letters spelling out “Trump,” tenants were told on Tuesday after hundreds of them expressed concern over Trump’s comments about women, immigrants and liberals, according to the paper.

In an email obtained by the Times, Equity Residential, which owns the three buildings, told tenants, “This week, the Trump Place building names will change to the street addresses — 140, 160 and 180 Riverside Boulevard. The purpose of this change is to assume a neutral building identity that appeals to all current and future residents.”

The buildings are currently referred to as Trump Place, but resident Linda Gottlieb started the petition to get the name changed.

“We won,” Gottlieb told the Times. “We used the power of protest to say that we don’t have to accept the spread of the man’s influence into our very homes. To me, it feels like a cleansing of the place where I live.”

However, Equity chairman Sam Zell said that the “tenants had no role” in the decision to remove the Trump name, according to the Times.

Either way, Gottlieb got what she wanted.