Donald Trump Backs Off Fox News: Roger Ailes Just Called, ‘Assures Me’ of Fair Treatment

“His word is always good!” GOP frontrunner says

Donald Trump backed off his tough talk toward Fox News on Monday after he said network chairman Roger Ailes called him with assurances the network plans to cover him fairly.

“Roger Ailes just called. He is a great guy & assures me that “Trump” will be treated fairly on . His word is always good!” Trump tweeted.

The call from Ailes comes after a whirlwind weekend that pitted Trump against one of Fox News’ biggest stars, Megyn Kelly.

On Friday, Trump said Kelly had it out for him in Thursday night’s GOP debate, with blood coming out of her eyes or “wherever.” The comment was immediately panned by political and media pundits who believed that Trump was suggesting Kelly was menstruating.

In typical Trump fashion, the mogul-turned-candidate did a media blitz Sunday and Monday hitting back at Fox News and Kelly, whom he said should be the one apologizing.

He railed against Fox’s “unfair” line of questioning at the debate and hit them for going after him after, according to Trump, he gifted them with 24 million viewers during the debate (a TV news record).

Fox News scaled back its Trump coverage considerably Monday, not covering his comments about Kelly or the media pushback. Trump is reportedly in talks to appear on the network on Monday night, most likely on Sean Hannity’s show.