Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Donald Trump in Fake Phone Call to Barack Obama (Video)

“And believe me that’s 140 percent true or your name isn’t Barack Hussein Omarosa,” late-night host says as he impersonates real estate mogul

Last Updated: August 4, 2015 @ 8:07 AM

Donald Trump may have met his match as Jimmy Fallon pulled off an impeccable impersonation on Monday.

The “Tonight Show” host assumed Trump’s persona while holding a fake phone call with President Obama in a sketch where the president prepped him for Thursday’s GOP debate.

“I don’t understand. Why would you want to help me become president?” Fallon’s Trump asked.

“Because it would be hilarious,” the Obama impersonator said. “Look, I’ve been president for eight years, I’m ready for some entertainment. I just want to grab some popcorn, sit back, and watch this whole shit show go down.”

When Obama advised the Republican presidential candidate against throwing around “numbers that don’t make sense,” Trump argued his statistics are “140 percent true or your name isn’t Barack Hussein Omarosa.”

When Obama asked if Trump even cares about how he’s portrayed in the media, he took a swipe at the media and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

“The media loves me,” Trump countered. “They try to act like they don’t, but they do. They say they’re done, they say they’ve had enough, but yet they keep coming back for more. They’re like Chris Christie at a Golden Corral buffet.”

The American dentist who killed Cecil the Lion was mocked, too.

“My dentist was just down in Africa,” Trump said. “He said he’d bring me back a souvenir. Something beautiful, classy and endangered.”

Watch the video above to see what it would be like if Trump auto tunes his entire debate and sings OMI’s “Cheerleader.”


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