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Donald Trump Might Get BERN-T: New Poll Has Bernie Sanders Beating Billionaire Republican

Quinnipiac poll shows Vermont senator topping Trump by five percentage points, while outspoken real estate mogul trails Hillary Clinton by 12

Donald Trump might have some serious competition in the form of a socialist from Vermont.

In a new Quinnipiac poll, Bernie Sanders beats the billionaire real estate mogul head to head 44 percent-39 percent.

Trump trails Hillary Clinton by an even bigger margin — 12 percentage points — and VP Joe Biden, should he enter the race, by 13 points.

Sanders and Trump have drawn the biggest crowds among candidates. The Vermont senator has attracted crowds of over 10,000 people at his rallies, tapping into a populist outcry against corporate greed and income inequality.

Meanwhile, Trump has ignited a frenzy in the Republican field by attracting voters with his straight talk and tough stances on illegal immigration and trade manipulation.

Both candidates have one thing in common: a knack for criticizing the media.

Sanders attacked the media’s penchant for producing a “soap opera”-like picture of politics, and Trump has slammed the media for taking him out of context.