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Donald Trump Blasts ‘Terrible Treatment’ by Fox News, Megyn Kelly

”I don’t care about Megyn Kelly… when people treat me unfairly, I don’t let them forget,“ GOP frontrunner says during contentious press conference Tuesday

Donald Trump continued ripping Fox News, claiming the network “treats him terribly” and that Megyn Kelly is the one that owes him an apology.

Trump made his remarks during a contentious press conference Tuesday in Dubuque, Iowa.

“I have a lot of respect for Roger [Ailes],” Trump said. “I think Fox treats me terribly,” the GOP frontrunner said, adding, “I don’t care about Megyn Kelly… when people treat me unfairly, I don’t let them forget,” the GOP frontrunner said in a room full of reporters.

“You think I was asked nice, easy questions?” Trump said in reference to the first GOP presidential debate on Fox News. “I certainly had the worst questions, the most unfair questions,” the real estate mogul said about Kelly’s line of questioning in the debate on Fox News.

In response to whether Fox News’ coverage of him matters, Trump said, “Maybe, maybe not.”

“Look, I like Fox, but I think they treat me very poorly,” he concluded.

Trump also clashed with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, kicking him out of the press conference. Ramos was allowed back in, only to get into a heated exchange with the real estate mogul over his plan to deport illegal immigrants if he is elected president.

“I have a bigger heart than you,” Trump said to Ramos. When Ramos kept pressing him for details, Trump grew frustrated, saying, “I can’t deal with this.”
At one point Trump also yelled to Ramos, “Go back to Univision!”