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Donald Trump’s Bravery Burned by Funny or Die in ‘POW: Prisoner of Wharton’ (Video)

John McCain is not the only one who’s been to Hell and back

Step aside, John McCain. It turns out that Donald Trump was also a POW — a “Prisoner of Wharton,” per Funny or Die.

“How Donald Trump got stuck at Wharton was a mixture of bad timing, bad luck, and a friend in the admissions officer,” a voiceover said of the former University of Pennsylvania business school student who has been called a draft-dodger. “Instead of being free to fight for his nation, Trump was forced to stay on his college campus and slog through the swampy minefield of Hotel-slash-Resort Management.”

“It was torture,” the V.O. continued. “Trump would be forced to stay awake for 45 minutes at a time in what were called ‘classes.'”

The clip goes on to rip Trump for missing the Dean’s List or any other distinct honors at the prestigious business school, while questioning if he really ever completed the full curriculum.¬†Funny or Die also had an interesting take on Trump’s later bone spur injury, which further kept him away from the armed forces.

Trump insulted real POW survivor McCain¬†recently by saying, “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”

Watch the video.

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