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Donald Trump Butt-Sniffing Pic Makes Piers Morgan Fume on Twitter

”Why the double standard?“ British media personality says of image depicting him with his face wedged in president’s rear-end

Piers Morgan’s latest Twitter beef is nothing to sniff at — then again, maybe it is.

British media personality Morgan savaged the BBC on Friday, after BBC Two aired an image depicting Morgan with his face firmly wedged between President Donald Trump’s buttocks.

The image was aired during “The Mash Report,” during which series star Rachel Parris attempted to explain the difference between David Frost’s interview of Richard Nixon, and Morgan’s recent interview with Trump.

In hard-hitting political interviews such as the Frost/Nixon sit-down, Parris said, “The two opponents face off with several meters between them, no furniture blocking their path — there’s nowhere to hide. ”

“Whereas in the Trump interview, the staging hinted at a greater intimacy between the two men,” Parris added, before the image was broadcast.

Morgan hit up Twitter to register his displeasure — not over the nature of the image itself, but because of the “double standard” it represented.

“The BBC thinks this is OK to broadcast. But if it depicted high profile women, there would be outrage. Why the double standard?” Morgan asked.

Morgan also vented specifically at Parris, tweeting, “Hi Rachel, I’m curious: given the current gender equality debate at the BBC, would you use this repulsive imagery & ‘petite rectum’ wording to talk about a female president and/or female journalist? If not, why is it acceptable to do it to men?”

In another tweet on the topic, Morgan wrote, “If the BBC broadcast an image like this after a female journalist interviewed @theresa_may – all hell would break loose & people would be fired. Gender equality shouldn’t just apply to pay – should it?”

Morgan received some supportive responses to his tweets — though, of course, there were those calling him out as thin-skinned. Among those taking shots at Morgan was “Bridesmaids” and “Ghostbusters” director Paul Feig, who tweeted, “Wow, you guys on the right really are the snowflakes that you accuse us liberals of being, aren’t you? Two powerful men get made fun of and you have to hit the ‘If this was women, everyone would be upset.’ Yes, if it was two women, we would be. But it’s not. It’s you and Trump.”