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Mike Huckabee Admits Donald Trump Is a ‘Car Wreck’ in Bizarre Metaphor

Huckabee tries to explain why he’s voting for GOP presidential candidate over Hillary Clinton

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee explained why he is voting for Donald Trump in a not-so-flattering tweet on Friday morning, calling the GOP nominee a “car wreck.”

Huckabee was among Trump’s competitors during primary season but dropped out fairly early in the process. He has since, essentially, supported the GOP nominee but has not gone out of his way like other peers, including Chris Christie and Newt Gingrich.

Huckabee’s tweet was met with criticism on social media. One follower wrote, “Haul it to the junkyard. That’s it. By definition, it’s a wreck. And you’re right: there’s no fixing your candidate.”

Other followers agree with the metaphor, “Gov. Excellent Metaphor!!! Trump ain’t perfect, but who among us is perfect? At least he’s not facing indictment!!!”

The former governor responded to the criticism with a follow-up tweet aimed at the media, writing, “Low IQ media don’t get my earlier tweet about car wreck. will bend fenders but is a vehicle going right way.”