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Listen to Donald Trump Daughter Tiffany’s Pop Song if You Hate Your Ears (Audio)

Marla Maples spawn released ”Like a Bird“ in 2011

It wasn’t long after Tiffany Trump took the stage at the Republican National Convention Tuesday night that the internet dug up a beautiful relic from the 22-year-old’s short life.

Donald Trump’s daughter released a pop single titled “Like a Bird” in 2011.

The song features vocalists Sprite and Logic. We don’t know who they are either.

It seems like the youngest of Trump’s daughters has forged a path of her own in the music industry — kind of.

“Like a Bird” has all the hallmarks of a decent song: a guitar, autotune and even a rap verse.

It even kicks off with a serene riff that kind of teases you into thinking it might be a really cool song.

The first few seconds of the pop single are a little unintelligible due to the excessive use of auto-tune, but after playing it several times we can finally understand what she’s saying.

“Diamonds are so shimmery,” something something “baby baby don’t you go, everybody’s partying,” something something “i just want serenity.”

The chorus is a lot easier to distinguish. “Like a bird, like a bird, like a bird” times 100 (or so).

The rap portion even name drops Madonna.

Listen at your own risk.

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