Donald Trump Demands Release of US Sailors From Iran After They Were Already Set Free

“We want our hostages back NOW!” GOP frontrunner tweets

Donald Trump Iran Sailors
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Donald Trump is all about protecting our troops and being tough on foreign leaders.

So it stands to reason that when 10 U.S. sailors were detained by Iran (after their boat crossed into its territorial waters earlier this week), the GOP frontrunner would take to Twitter to demand that the Americans be released immediately, or else.

“We want our hostages back NOW!” he tweeted. And just to be sure he typed “now” using ALL CAPS… You know, to make sure the Iranians knew he was dead serious.

Just one problem with that. The sailors had already been released hours earlier.

The U.S. Department of Defense released a statement this morning at 3.43 a.m. EST to say that the sailors had been released and were not harmed.

However Trump must have missed it because he posted this tweet around 7 a.m.:

According to Business Insider, Trump said that the Iranians “like to taunt us because they don’t have respect for our leaders” and that he would be “much tougher” than President Obama has been on Iran.

The Navy is launching an investigation into why the sailors ended up in Iran after their boat reportedly had mechanical issues.