Donald Trump Does Megyn Kelly-Less ‘Fox & Friends’ Interview After Phone Call With Roger Ailes

The GOP frontrunner does first Fox interview since sparking firestorm about network anchor having blood coming out of her “wherever”

Donald Trump Megyn Kelly

Donald Trump broke his Fox silence on Tuesday in an interview on “Fox & Friends,” but wasn’t faced with any questions about his controversial comments about anchor Megyn Kelly.

The eight-minute interview touched on Trump’s poll numbers, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, running as a third party candidate, Hillary Clinton and ISIS.

Trump, of course, ignited a media firestorm over the weekend after criticizing Kelly’s debate line of questioning, saying she had blood coming out of her eyes or “wherever.”

The real estate mogul has fired back saying he was not referring to Kelly’s menstrual cycle and anyone who thinks so is a deviant.

Trump and Fox News’ tension built over the weekend as he slammed the network for treating him unfairly during the firs GOP debate. Fox chairman Roger Ailes, however, called Trump on Monday and apparently smoothed things over.

The GOP frontrunner told CNN that the two cleared the air and he has no problem with Fox.

Watch the video.