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Donald Trump Offers Last-Minute Campaign Conspiracy Theory on ‘Fox & Friends’ (Video)

“I do think a lot of the polls are purposefully wrong,” Trump says on Election Day

Donald Trump called into “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday morning to offer up one last conspiracy theory before his 20016 presidential campaign comes to an end.

“I do think a lot of the polls are purposefully wrong,” the GOP presidential candidate said, adding one more gripe to his long list of complaints about the system he has insisted is rigged against him.

“I think I can almost tell you by the people that do it. The media is very dishonest, extremely dishonest. And I think a lot of the polls are phony. I don’t even think they interview people,” Trump said.

Co-host Steve Doocy chimed in with, “right” and then Trump continued with his claim.

“I think they just put out phony numbers. I do think this, after the debates, I think my numbers really started to go up well. And then I did a series over the last two weeks, only of you know, really important speeches, I think. 20,000, 25,000 people, 31,000 people were showing up to these speeches,” Trump said.

He continued: “You saw yesterday, you saw the kind of crowds we’re getting. I said something’s happening here. Something incredible is happening here. And tell you the enthusiasm and the love in those rooms, in those arenas, they’re really arenas, I mean in New Hampshire last night it was a tremendous arena, beautiful arena. And same thing, we had a big convention center last night in Michigan. But they’re packed. I mean we have thousands of people.”

Trump is expected to cast his vote in Midtown Manhattan at some point on Election Day.