Donald Trump Fires Back Over Megyn Kelly ‘Blood’ Comments: ‘I Cherish Women,’ Critics Are ‘Deviants’ (Video)

“I think it’s a stupid question with all due respect,” real estate mogul says to CNN’s Jake Tapper

Donald Trump Megyn Kelly

Donald Trump came out swinging on Sunday against widespread backlash against comments he made about Fox News’ Megyn Kelly having blood coming “out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever” during the GOP debate.

“Of course I didn’t…do you think I’d make a stupid statement like that?” Trump answered CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union,” denying he meant Kelly was on her period during the debate.

He said the comments were him trying to get off the subject of Kelly and the “wherever” referred to Kelly’s nose and ears, a very “common” phrase.

Tapper pressed Trump on why the majority of conservatives don’t believe him. Naturally, the Donald slammed Tapper.

“I think it’s a stupid question with all due respect,” he pushed back, saying Jeb Bush made terrible comments about women a week ago that would end up being his downfall and that other candidates are criticizing him because they’re far behind in the polls.

As TheWrap reported, Trump’s offensive against Fox News and Kelly after the debate likely sets up a new 2016 campaign pitting the GOP frontrunner against the  network, a battle Trump isn’t likely to win.

Trump will appear on CBS, ABC and NBC on Sunday, but not Fox News. An FNC rep told TheWrap that FOX News Sunday does not do phoners with presidential candidates and is in talks with the Trump campaign about a longer form interview.

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