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Donald Trump Gets the Dr Seuss Treatment on Twitter in Poetic Rhymes

#TrumpDrSeuss takes some of the GOP presidential nominee’s most outrageous excuses and sets them to an anapestic tetrameter

Donald Trump seems to be perpetually digging himself out of holes and explaining away scandals of late.

From making lewd comments about one woman on a hot mic with Billy Bush, to accusations that he groped and physically attacked others, the GOP presidential nominee has been permanently on the defensive for the past week.

But what if his rebuttals were set to a “Cat in the Hat” style poetic meter?

The genius of the Twitterverse has now set Trump’s rhetoric to Dr. Seuss‘ signature anapestic tetrameter (which consists of four rhythmic units called anapests) to give them a far more jovial edge.

Check the best results from the hashtag #TrumpDrSeuss below.