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Donald Trump Refuses to Apologize for Anything During Stephen Colbert Interview, Dodges Obama Birther Question (Video)

”Late Show“ host asks the Republican frontrunner whether he believes the president was born in the United States

Stephen Colbert is renowned for his roasting of Donald Trump and on Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Show” he got to mock him in person.

When the real Donald Trump came out, Colbert thanked him for running for president — and for all the comedic material he’s provided. “You certainly do deliver on time every day.”

After pandering to the Republican presidential frontrunner and discussing the hot topics of his election bid, the CBS late-night host told him, “I am going to throw you a big fat meatball to hit out of the park now.”

“This is the last time you ever have to answer this question if you hit the ball: Barack Obama — born in the United States?” he asked.

For the second time in less than a week, Trump was stumped for a response and said: “I don’t talk about it anymore,” before dodging the question and switching to discussing war veterans.

“You know that meatball is now being dragged down the steps of a subway by a rat,” Colbert swiftly replied, referring to Monday’s viral sensation #PizzaRat.

Earlier in the interview, Colbert told his guest, “I want to apologize to you as I’ve said a few things over the years that in polite company perhaps are unforgivable.”

He then asked Trump if there was anyone he wanted to apologize to? But of course, there was no one.

No Trump interview would be complete without discussing immigration, as Colbert hosted a little role playing game by taking the part of a Mexican with Trump (playing himself) telling him “we are going to build the a wall, and you are going to pay for the wall.”

Always on hand to solve political dilemmas, Colbert suggested instead of wall they create “a moat filled with fire and fire-proof crocodiles.”

The satirical comedian closed out the interview by reading out a list of outrageous comments to figure out if he’d said them as his conservative Comedy Central alter ego, or if Trump had.

Memorable quotes included “I apologize for being perfect,” “It’s freezing and cold in New York, we need global warming,” and “Medicare is like a nice pair of cufflinks … nobody wears cufflinks anymore.”

“The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” airs at 11:35 p.m. on CBS.

Watch Trump refuse to apologize about anything above, then watch Colbert and the GOP frontrunner decide who said what below.