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Jon Voight Backs Donald Trump’s Google Conspiracy Theory (Video)

”It’s probably true,“ actor says of claim that search engine is suppressing bad news about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton

Watch out, Google; Jon Voight is on to you.

A day after GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump claimed that the search engine was “suppressing the bad news about Hillary Clinton,” the theory was given added credence by the “Deliverance” actor, who backed Trump up on the claim.

“It’s probably true,” Voight said, when approached by TMZ on Thursday.

What’s more, Voight asserted, Google isn’t the only party at fault. The actor went on to suggest a media-wide conspiracy against Donald Trump and his Republican colleagues.

“Mainstream media is in the tank for the Democrat party,” Voight said. “This is real.”

Voight went on to warn against plants in the upcoming second debate between Trump and Clinton, which will take place in a town hall-style format.

“Are people set up within the audience?” Voight wondered. “I’m sure that people want to win, and that’s the way it is.”

Hard to argue with logic like that.

Watch Voight break it all down in the video.