Donald Trump Got His Eclipse Meme From a Guy Who Said, ‘We Have Enough of These Jews’

But don’t worry; he was really referring to New Jersey’s infrastructure

donald trump eclipse
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Plenty of people had a ball mocking President Trump on Thursday, after he retweeted a meme of himself eclipsing his predecessor, Barack Obama.

But in retrospect, the situation might not be quite as funny as it first seemed.

It appears that the Twitter user who Trump re-tweeted also has some interesting thoughts about the Jews. As in, he’s had enough of them.

In an August 20 tweet preserved by MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin and others, Jerry Travone — the man who Trump re-tweeted, wrote, “We have enough of these Jews where I live lol someone else take them. They just can’t drive.”

Mere coincidence, perhaps, but not an association Trump needs as he battles perceptions that he’s insufficiently critical of Nazism, following his tepid response to the deadly Charlottesville, Virginia protest earlier this month.

In a Twitter video posted Thursday, Travone — described in his Twitter profile as a “Proud Trump supporter” — sought to clear the air on the tweet.

“Somebody pointed out a tweet that I, first of all, I thought was part of a hack or something,” he began. “But then I realized what that tweet was about. Was it tasteless? Absolutely. I didn’t word it right, and it should have been worded better.”

Travone continued, “If you heard what I was trying to say, it was about the infrastructure. the fact that when you drive through Lakewood in New Jersey, the majority .. it’s, like, overcrowded. It’s such a small area that a lot of people come from … they come from Israel, they’re mostly Jewish people, and they’re not used to driving in New Jersey, right? So what it is, is the infrastructure is so bad in New Jersey on that one stretch, and I was trying to bring up the fact that Donald Trump’s, our president’s, infrastructure bill, if it gets passed, it would be such an amazing thing for that section.”

Well, that clears things up!

Trump received criticism on Twitter on Thursday morning after retweeting a meme labeled, “Best eclipse ever,” which shows him blocking President Obama.

Many users were quick to point out that Trump is the moon blocking out the shining sun in this scenario, but as all-things political, plenty of people also defended Trump.

One user wrote, “This is actually correct. The Darkness of Trump has overtaken the brightness of Obama. The Sun is what gives us life and energy!”

Ed Krassenstein sent numerous messages mocking the meme and the vast majority of comments weren’t exactly positive for the Trump administration.

“Eclipses have no positive impact on earth, while the Sun is what provides the entire world with life! Keep that in mind,” he wrote. “The moon (Trump) is responsible for the changes in tides and bringing the crazy out in some people… The Sun (Obama) is what allows Earth to sustain itself as well as every plant, animal and human on the planet.”

Not to mention that, with the most recent solar eclipse occurring on Monday, Thursday’s tweet was just a little bit late to the game.