Loser.com Trolls Donald Trump After Iowa Loss

Owner of trolling domain has pointed page to Wikipedia pages of Barack Obama and Kanye West in the past

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Davenport
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Donald Trump supporters now have a new domain they can turn to for more information about the GOP presidential candidate, but it’s hardly a website he would want to be associated with.

The trolling domain Loser.com has targeted the billionaire politician by automatically redirecting visitors to the Wikipedia page of the second place finisher in the Iowa caucus.

According to the Daily Beast, Loser.com is owned by Brian Connelly, who has pointed his domain to Wiki pages of Barack Obama, Reddit and Kanye West in the past.

Connelly’s trolling of politicians who have lost elections goes back as far as 2000, when he pointed Loser.com to the Wikipedia page of Al Gore, who lost the presidential election that year to George W. Bush.

Iowa caucus results showed Trump came in second to Senator Ted Cruz, while Marco Rubio was nipping at his heels in third place, just one percent behind.

The candidates will next face off in the New Hampshire primary, which takes place on Feb. 9.