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Donald Trump Has Not Smoked Weed, Only Eats Cereals ‘Made in the USA’

”I like bacon, eggs, I like cereals – different kinds of cereals. Made in the USA, has to be made in the USA,“ Trump says in Fox News interview

Donald Trump sat down with Bill O’Reilly sidekick-turned-Fox News host Jesse Watters for an interview that will air on Saturday at 2 p.m. PT/ 5 ET and again at 5 p.m. PT/ 8 ET during “Watters World.”

During the revealing interview Trump says he has never smoked marijuana or a cigarette and discussed his passion for football.

“I’m a Tom Brady fan, I think Coach Belichick is terrific – he’s a terrific guy, terrific coach and I really like them a lot,” Trump said.

“Well, I was at a party and I saw this very beautiful woman and I said boy would I like to get that phone number and it wasn’t easy, believe me. It took me about five weeks actually – it was not a quickie,” Trump explained to Watters about how he met his wife Melania.

Trump says he did not get down on one knee when he proposed but “it was a pretty hard phone number to get.”

Trump also discussed moving into the White House.

“Well you know it’s a special place, I mean look at what it represents. Actually it is quite a bit smaller than Mar-A-Largo but these are minor details,” Trump said. “[The White House] represents so much and let’s hope I’m lucky enough.

The Donald says he avoids breakfast but said,”if I have it – I like bacon, eggs, I like cereals – different kinds of cereals. Made in the USA, has to be made in the USA.”

Trump mentioned that the campaign is hurting his golf game and managed to slip in a jab at President Obama.

“Now, the President [Obama] plays more than most PGA professionals so his game should be doing OK — my game is suffering,” Trump said. “And you know what; my game will suffer if I get elected because you have to focus – we have so many things to do between the debt and Obamacare and the borders and security and the military and the vets… A lot to do – you can’t be playing too much golf.”


It should be noted that the interview took place before the most recent Republican presidential debate and Iowa Caucuses, so don’t expect any reaction to Ted Cruz’s Iowa victory.