Donald Trump Jr. Says Dad Will Concede to Hillary Clinton If ‘It’s Fair and Legit’ (Video)

“All we want is a fair fight,” GOP candidate’s son says on “Morning Joe”

Donald Trump Jr. said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday that his father Donald Trump would concede the election to Hillary Clinton if he loses — if it’s “legit and fair,” of course.

“If he loses, and it’s legit and fair, and there’s not obvious stuff out there? Without question, yes,” Trump Jr. said when co-host Willie Geist asked if his father will concede if he loses the election.

Trump Jr. mentioned “there are a lot of different paths” to a victory for his father, and he thinks the results will be different from the mainstream media’s narrative.

“All we want is a fair fight, and I think that’s what we want, not just for this election, but for all elections, so that everybody has a chance to actually have their voice be heard and not have it manipulated,” Trump Jr. said.

Trump famously said during a recent debate that he would keep everyone in suspense regarding if we would concede to Clinton on Election Day if he loses. His answer shocked many old-school politicians but coincides with his claim that the process if rigged.

Watch the video above.