Jay Leno Skewers Trump, Clinton: 7 Best Jokes From ‘Tonight Show’ Monologue (Video)

Jimmy Fallon had pulled a hammy and couldn’t continue

The ever-gracious Jimmy Fallon let his beloved predecessor Jay Leno have the “Tonight Show” stage on Monday for an election-themed monologue — and the auto addict proved he hasn’t lost his comedic step since stepping down. Fallon claimed to have pulled a muscle, and tagged in Leno from the audience.

Below are the “Jay Leno‘s Garage” star’s seven best jokes from his topical stand-up set. We’ll start right where he did:

“Hillary Clinton got quite a scare tonight,” Leno began. “I guess a trick-or-treater came to the door dressed as a lie detector.”

Since it was Halloween, Leno then deviated from the Donald Trump-Clinton quips for a moment.

“Researchers say the smell of pumpkins can actually cause sexual arousal in men,” he began. “Guys, a word of warning, before you act on the impulse, blow out the candle first.”

Nothing wrong with a good safe-sex reminder. The rest of Leno’s best involve the election and the economy, we swear.

Like these two:

“As you know, Billy Bush got fired over the outrageous things he and Donald Trump said about women. See, I think Trump should hire Billy — this way, he can grab bush whenever he wants to.”

“At the Republican Convention, Rudy Giuliani spoke — he’s got three wives. Newt Gingrich spoke — he’s got three wives. Then Donald Trump spoke — he’s got three wives. The only one with one wife was Mitt Romney, and he’s the Mormon. It doesn’t make any sense.”

And these:

“As you know, the state of New York is suing Trump University for $40 million, claiming it is not a real college because the students did not get a good education and could not find jobs after they graduated. I dunno, sounds like a real college to me.”

“The economy is so bad, in Beverly Hills, I saw a woman tanning — using the sun. That never happens.”

Finally, Leno landed another strong punchline during the same riff:

“The economy is so bad, in L.A., women are marrying guys for love. That’s how bad it’s gotten!”

Fallon recovered from his charley horse just in time to goof off with his good pal. Watch the video above.