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Donald Trump’s Flip-Flop on Hillary Clinton Prosecution Outrages Supporters

”He belongs in the swamp with the rest,“ one Twitter user writes

Donald Trump supporters are none too happy with the news that the president-elect will not pursue charges against Hillary Clinton. 

“He belongs in the swamp with the rest,” one Twitter user wrote. “He deceived people to get votes??’?no equal justice for all. Trump lied??’?????no longer a fan. Sad day.”

To be fair, many are claiming that Trump is simply waiting to take office before going after Clinton. Others say they know the president cannot prosecute someone directly, but rather would want Trump to support Congress or the Department of Justice in their own investigations.

Prosecuting Clinton for her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State was a major component of Trump’s campaign, with chants of “Lock her up!” regularly breaking out at his rallies.

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