Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton ‘Would Get Virtually No Votes’ If She Was a Man (Video)

“She’s playing the woman card left and right,” the GOP frontrunner says

This morning on CNN’s “New Day,” GOP frontrunner Donald Trump spoke with CNN’s Chris Cuomo about his primary sweep last night, his tone moving forward, and how Hillary Clinton is using the “woman card.”

“She is a woman,” Trump said. “She’s playing the woman card left and right.”

Cuomo mentioned that Chris Christie’s wife made a face when Trump mentioned the “woman card” during his victory speech last night.

“She didn’t play it last time with Obama, but she’s playing it much harder this time, and she will be called on it,” Trumps said. “I think if she were a man and she was the way she is, she would get virtually no votes.”

Cuomo went on to ask about Trump’s personality and if he’s going to act more presidential during the general election.

“I’m not going to be changing.  I’m presidential anyway.  I mean, I can change to presidential, but I’m presidential anyway,” Trump said.

Watch the interview below.