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‘Donald Trump’ Reflects on Why He Won’t Fire Sean Spicer on Inaugural ‘The President Show’ (Video)

”He’s a muttering slobber-mouth with a taste for his own foot,“ says ”Trump“

“Donald Trump” premiered the very first episode of “The President Show” on Comedy Central Thursday night, talking about why he just can’t seem to fire press secretary Sean Spicer.

“He’s a muttering slobber-mouth with a taste for his own foot. Why don’t I fire this guy?” “Trump” asked before revealing the answer: ratings.

“Trump,” played by comedian Anthony Atamanuik, stars in the parody talk show, which includes segments like “Nice! Not Nice!,” in which he talks about all the people and things he likes and doesn’t like.

First up is far-right candidate for President of France Marine Le Pen, who is Islamophobic, xenophobic, and was endorsed by Trump. “She’s french, she’s blonde, and she hates Muslims. She’s a triple threat!” “Trump” said in the segment.

Sort of related, but after that, he tore into Marine World, which he said didn’t have the spread of animals he wanted.

“The whales are sixes, the dolphins are fours, and the only tens are the penguins, and they’re all married!” he exclaimed.

It wouldn’t be a segment of things Trump likes without mentioning his daughter Ivanka Trump, who has been representing the administration in international events and has become one of his most trusted political advisers.

He goes into that a bit before digging into the German people that booed her when she defended him while also speaking on a panel about women in the workplace.

“Disgusting! This is the worst thing the Germans have ever done. Ever!” he yelled.

Watch the full clip above.